Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Geography Blog: Geocurrents

There is a new blog, Geocurrents, done by academic geographers from both Sanford University and University of California - Berkley. The bloggers, Doctors Martin W. Lewis and Lester Rowntree have issued their manifesto which states that map-driven, geographic analysis can help the public better understand world events. Be sure to also check out their video posts as well. It's great to see these two professors reach out to the public using high-quailty geographic analysis in "normal" language. They also promisses humor so Catholicgauze eagerly awaits the next joke. (Hat Tip: The Map Room)


Greg said...

Just an FYI--on my browser (IE8), the link didn't work. I had to backspace to http://www.geocurrents.info/

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks Greg, we who use Firefox salute you.