Thursday, January 28, 2010

American and Canadian Charities for Haiti and for Other Needy Places

Note: If you have a charity to recommend comment below and will check it out!

Reader and sometime contributor Canada has made a list of charities in Canada that are doing good work in Haiti and other places hit by disaster around the world. In the spirit of her efforts I have created a list of American charities doing the same.

Canadian Charities:

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) includes updates and videos from Aid Workers already in the region who are filtering water and getting food from other MCC sites. and is seeking cash donations as well as sheets and comforters and relief kits. Canada have previously participated in their Africa AIDS relief kits, seen his/her donations matched, and MCC documenting even the spare change given. MCC’s Haiti program has been in existence since 1958. MCC is highly rated by the American Institute of Philanthropy. It has both Canadian and US Offices.

World Vision was where Canada once was employed. It offers aid and relief kits around the world.

CHF (Formerly the Canadian Hunger Foundation) with many Haitian living with employment that pays under $2 a day (when the said job is not destroyed by an earthquake) it is very hard to pay for food, shelter, and water. CHF does a good job providing more long term relief as well as food aid.

Compassion Canada donors help by sponsoring children. These denotations help not only those in immediate desire straights but also aid the construction of schools, clinics, and more.

The Canadian Red Cross needs no introduction.

American Charities

American Red Cross is all over the world and the United States. Whether it is an international epic disaster or a local flood in Kansas the ARC is there.

Catholic Relief Services is the American-arm of the lay-clerical international Catholic relief group Caritas.

Doctors Without Borders USA: I have had some qualms with the leaders of Doctors Without Borders but no one can deny the brave, selfless doctors who man the far out posts in some dangerous spots do very good work.

Save the Children: I will always have a special place in my heart for Save the Children. Besides giving immediate relief they help whole villages with schools, clinics, and job training so that development can grow in the midst of ruin.

Also, remember efforts like microlending which in time will assist in rebuilding Haiti's (and other places) economy and help Haitians (and others) help themselves

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