Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking the Weekend Off

Have a Happy Columbus Day weekend. For maps of Columbus' journeys see the 2006 post, to see how he changed the world read the 2007 post, and for a short defense of the man checkout my 2008 post.

So let us toast those who have discovered America
  • Huzzah for Columbus who proved to Europe the New World!
  • Huzzah for John Cabot who probably proved continental North America to Europe!
  • Huzzah for the Basque fishermen who made Europeans curious of wealth beyond the western horizon!
  • Huzzah for the Vikings for tried!
  • Huzzah for the Indians who gave the Americas at least 13,500 years of human history!
  • Huzzah for the others who were in stone age America but have gone into the mists of history!
  • Huzzah for all those we do not remember!
  • Huzzah for all those who came afterwards bringing ideals and hard work which made the New World a land of opportunity!

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