Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Russia: "Poland Wanted to Destroy Us! War was Self-Defense"

On the seventh-anniversary of the start of the European-theater of World War II, Russia has decided to not to feel the world's pain but instead go out of their way to claim The Second Polish Republic wanted plotted to destroy the innocent Soviet Union.

As noted before, Russia is very upset that their legacy of being liberators is being challenged by those nations who simply switched from National Socialist-occupied to Communist socialist-occupied. Poland, the Baltic states, and Ukraine all have gone to various degrees to point out that Soviets killed more than the Nazis in some places. Russia is fighting back with proposed "historical accuracy" laws and even cyber-warfare.

I personally doubt there were any serious plans by Poland to have a Franco-German-Polish alliance that would take down the Soviet Union. However, if there was, Poland would have good reason. The USSR had already invaded Poland once and this was after the Communists had invaded other countries like newly-independent Ukraine, the ethnic republics in the Caucasus, and they tried to overtake the Baltic states as well.

Sadly, the Putin regime in Moscow continues to assert Russia as the successor state to the Soviet Union in all the wrong places. Unlike Yeltsin who tried to divorce Russia from the Communists, it seems Russia will be doomed to repeat its past as the Bear on the fringe of Europe.


Chirol said...

And let's not forgot, it wasn't only Germany that started WW2, it was ALSO the USSR who violated Poland's sovereignty. Somehow, the Germans always get the blame.

Catholicgauze said...

Very true. I think it is part of far left (even some left) thinking that the Soviets weren't bad guys. The President of Poland agrees with us though