Sunday, September 13, 2009

Royal Geographical Society's Booklet on Geography Careers

The British Royal Geographical Society has released a booklet about a dozen geographers and their career choices. The RGS has cast a wide net in talking about not only professional geographers but also geography graduates who have managed to integrate their studies into other fields. (Hat tip: Geography at About)

I have been particularly lucky in my geographical development. My father gave me a love of maps and history while my mother taught me how to read the story a map or globe tells. Besides academia, I managed to combine computers (I worked as a computer technician/trainer in undergraduate) and my geography education to obtain an internship at the National Geographic Society. After graduate school I was lucky enough to earn a professional position as a geographer. So far my two years has allowed me to study different concerns around the world with a four month tour to Iraq.

Only a few people are employed as a "geographer." However, many professions, some demonstrated in the booklet, combine elements of geography. Check out the booklet and see if there are ways you can bring geography into your position.

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