Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poll: Where Should Catholicgauze Do Geography Next Year

Iraq was a blast. Now Catholicgauze has more choices on where I should go next (or I can just stay home). Vote and feel free to comment!

Where Should Catholicgauze Do Geography Next Year?
Afghanistan (Where the action is)
Kosovo (Safe, Euro Vacation... I mean work)
Iraq (Again)
Stay Home (Stateside) free polls


Joe Turner said...


torgo jr. said...

I was going to say "stay home where it's safe", but then I remembered where you I change my answer to "either A,B, or C"

Dina said...

None of the above. I think you should come here to Israel. Lots of action here too and tons of geography.
Thanks for this great blog, from which I love to learn.
Shalom Catholicgauze.

Adrian said...

Kosovo - it's undercovered in media

chirol said...

Fantastic that you have this opportunity again.

Kosovo is a wonderful little country and may allow you lots of Balkan travel which would be awesome. On the other hand, Afghanistan would likely be better career wise and is where the action is .

Afterall, they won't give you an M4 for Kosovo.