Saturday, September 26, 2009

Map of McDonald's in the United States

The blog Weather Sealed has mapped out all the McDonald's in the contiguous United States in a mission to find out where one can be the furthest from a McDonald's. The answer is western South Dakota. (Hat Tip: The Map Room).

When one looks at the map one sees how the eastern United States has McDonald's almost everywhere. This correlates with the population pattern. However, from the interior center into the Mountain West, McDonald's form a line that parallels the interstate system.

Two gaps noticeably appear in the map besides Western nonpopulation. The Florida Everglades and southern West Virginia. One's a national park and the latter is, well, mountainous and poor. Sadly West Virginia has frequently been overlooked by investors and businesses. McDonald's is no different.


Dave said...

While it is true that WV has been looked over by businesses and development, I think it's important to recognize it's history, geography and frankly, its economy.

I for one am glad that I live in a state that is not overwrought with strip malls and chains on every corner. Although I do live in the capitol, its a 10 minute drive to wilderness.

Look up Tudor's Biscuit World, a locally owned regional chain. They're everywhere here. The food is delightfully unhealthy but oh so delicious.

torgo jr. said...

I am in "across the board" agreement w/ Dave. Big Tator FTW!

Anonymous said...

Are there no McDonalds in Alaska and Hawaii ???? I think there are.

Catholicgauze said...

Sadly, your right. Many maps of the United States exclude Alaska and Hawaii. Hmmm, I sense an upcoming blog post idea.