Monday, September 21, 2009

Dubai's World Islands Project Killed

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Not quite the final design as imagined

Dubai's World Islands project (official website) has been apparently killed off due to the economic downturn. It appears that there are too few buyers and it is too costly to maintain. Huge towers, palm islands, and more has made Dubai a modern day Babylon in some people's minds due to its material boasting. It appears the economic downturn and oil prices no longer at their highest of highs has made New Babylon run out of money. (Hat tip: The Map Room and Gadling)

All this can only mean one thing: it is Catholicgauze's time to shine. I have contacted the The World Islands project and sent an inquire to the United Arab Emirates' embassy to see if it is possible to buy a jar of sand or something on the cheap. Like any fallen civilization, the looters are already here.

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