Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Democrats win in Honduras?

The situation in Honduras is surprising. Despite worldwide resistance, South American pressure, and the Obama administration, the government has resisted calls to reinstate Manuel Zelaya.

President Roberto Micheletti has had the complete support of the congress, judiciary, and army in upholding the constitution of Honduras. The latest development is that the United States will not impose sanctions against the country. So now November elections can take place without running the risk of economic ruin. While Chavez and other anti-democratic elements in Latin America will try to disrupt the elections, any election result with the majority of citizens voting will validate the actions of Honduras' government.

In a mixed up world where Cuba is allowed to renter the Organization of American States but where Honduras is kicked out, it is refreshing that republican government can still win south of the border.

For videos on the situation in Honduras click here

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