Friday, August 28, 2009

Catholicgauze Rated Among Top Geography Blogs!

Catholicgauze has been rated among the top geography blogs by The Daily Reviewer. While it is technically in the top 100 blogs section, there are only twenty-one blogs listed. This is in part the wide range of blogs that fall under the field of geography. Most are either geospatial (GIS-like), about Google Earth, or maps. Catholicgauze is honored to be one of the few that tries to cover most aspects of geography.

In that note I offer an open forum. Are there any subjects you wish Catholicgauze to cover? Any series of posts you do not like? Thank you again for your readership, everyone!

Be sure to check out Catholicgauze's survey of the various geography blogs out there.


Dan tdaxp said...


Shivers said...

Congrats, Catholicgauze! I do have an idea for you, and forgive me if you have already posted something very similar. I have told people about how you studied the depictions of different Native American tribes along the Oregon trail. I think it would be amazing if you could make that into a series on your blog, you you can spread the knowledge. :-)

Ken said...

Much deserved. Keep it up!