Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainforest Discovered by Using Google Earth

BBC has two articles on the discovery of a rainforest in Mozambique. To Catholicgauze and many others this is new, but not to the Geography-related blogosphere. I was too busy in Iraq to notice Ogle Earth's mentioning of this all the way back in January.

Many are writing or will write about the unique species that are being discovered near the new Mount Mabu rainforest so I will take a moment to emphasize how this discovery was possibly. When it comes to the great landforms and landcovers we like to say the world is already completely mapped. That statement is not quite true. People tend to rely too much on the produced maps and databases. Obviously others had to look at Mount Mabu and see the green spot near it but the lack of a database saying "rainforest" caused many to just move on. Thankfully, there are those who still read maps and satillite images to look for things not yet labeled.

Below are the BBC videos on the newly discovered rainforest.

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