Sunday, June 07, 2009

Moldovan and Greenland Election Updates

Following my recent Moldovan presidential election standoff: The opposition held again and the presidential vote for moderate Communist Zinaida Greceanii failed by two votes, 59 to 0. New parliamentary elections will be held sometime between July and September. The opposition has momentum going in but the Communist have media control and their leader, President/Speaker Vladimir Voronin has huge sway with the older pensioner crowd. The election will probably result in a Communist plurality but strong opposition. A comprise candidate, probably a due nothing like Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, will be picked to be the next President of Moldova.

Meanwhile in Greenland the Inuit Eskimos, descendants of the successful conquerors the Thule, swept the Greenland parliamentary election. The ex-Communist, pro-Independence and native party Community of the People earned nearly half of all seats and gain the right to name the prime minister. The center-right and center-left ethnic Danish parties lost half their seats. Expect the government of Greenland to increase its drive for resource rights.

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