Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mapping Unrest in Iran

Last updated: 1400 UTC 21 June

IranTracker has source data and has been mapping out reports of unrest in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meanwhile, a map using information off the Huffington Post displays which embassies were taking wounded Iranians (hat tip: Mashable). Correct me if I am wrong but this may be the first Google Maps mash-up designed to aide protesters during an on-going crisis.

View Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran in a larger map

Finally, the French news site has made three different Google Maps mashups which display location of twitter posts dealing with the election (hat tip: Google Maps Mania). The last map only has Iranian updates and is the most fascinating.

These map is another prime example of neogeography being used to better communicate information. Other crisis maps include Al Jazeera's Gaza War map and Catholicgauze's collection of Russia-Georgia War maps.

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