Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to tell when a map went out-of-date

When ability of Catholicgauze which surprises many is my skill in telling when a map was made by studying boundaries and country names. The trick is merely knowing when geopolitical changes occurred. A quick cheat sheet can help anyone know what time period their map was made.

  • May 1990: North and South Yemen merge
  • October 1990: There is only one Germany
  • December 1991: Soviet Union breaks up
  • During 1992: Yugoslavia breaks up
  • January 1993: Czechoslovakia dissolves
  • April 1994: White rule over and racial homelands are dissolved in South Africa
  • May 1997: Zaire becomes the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • July 2000: Yemen's current border with Saudi Arabia officially agreed upon
  • May 2002: East Timor becomes independent
  • June 2006: Montenegro separates from Serbia
  • February 2008: Kosovo becomes independent (not universally recognized)

By using these dates and finding what changes are shown it should be easy to tell when a "recent" map was made.


Joshua said...

"April 1994: White rule over and racial homelands are dissolved"

I'm assuming this was Republic of South Africa you're referring to?

Catholicgauze said...

You are right Josh. I fixed the text. Thank you!