Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tamil Tiger War Enters the Final Stage

The Sri Lankan-Tamil Tiger War has entered the end stage with the rebels cut off from the sea and the final push has the terrorist rebels ready to lay down arms. With this war wrapping up there are two primary concerns.

First, there is a horrible refugee situation with the Tamil Tigers using the local Tamil as human shields and the Sri Lankan military using heavy artillery ignoring human shields. The United Nations and the West is decrying the situation to the Sri Lankan government while the Chinese continue to offer support of all kinds. Expect the Sri Lankan government to favor the East over the West for quite sometime.

Secondly, there is concern about winning the pace. Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are being put into camps. Depending on who you ask these are either temporary relocation camps or concentration camps. There are also fears, being spread by Tamil Tigers supporters, that the camps could become permanent. The Sri Lankan government may move Sinhalese into the area so their presence can calm the region down. However, mistreatment of Tamil will only breed hatred and plant the seeds of a new generation of Tigers.

For war progress be sure to check the Sri Lankan government's interactive map.

Pray for peace


Dan tdaxp said...

Good news for the "Democratic Socialist Republic." The LTTE have been an incredibly scary and dangerous group for a long time. Good thing they seem to be done away with.

Michael said...

It occurs to me that there is one thing the West could do at this late date. We can offer to take in any Tamil refugees who're willing to pursue citizenship of a Western country.

Depending on how you view the Sri Lankan conflict, that would reduce the number of refugees needing fed, reduce the number of human shields available for the surviving Tigers and reduce the opportunities for abuse by Government forces.

Catholicgauze said...

Interesting suggestion Michael. I wonder how many Tamils would be interested in that offer and how many would say they will never leave their "country" (what ever it may be).