Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Politics of Geoengineering

Slate has an article on the politics of geoengineering. The idea behind it raises some key thoughts. Geoengineering can range from minor things from seeding clouds for rain to grandiose efforts to alter global climate patterns. It has long been thought that any major efforts would be done jointly or via an international body like the United Nations.

But what if Saudi Arabia decides to become an agricultural power house at the expense of the climate system which waters India and Pakistan? Sure, countries in the core like the European Union, United States, and Canada are likely to work together but whose knows about other states. Russia will punish all of Europe with drastic oil cuts when it feels Ukraine gets too pro-West. Geoengineering is likely to become the next weapon of mass destruction if the technology is not controlled.

All this can become real in time. Getting nuclear technology went from requiring the most elite minds to bribing the right Pakistani scientist. As more countries advance scientifically their ability to obtain and use climate changing technology will become easier.

Countries could do great harms with malice or good intentions. Many will argue that only a special group should have access to geoengineering. Then the question is raised, "Who watches them?"

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