Friday, May 22, 2009

NATO Does Poor Cartography (Let Us Hope Their Geography is Better)

NATO must worry about the Taliban coming into Afghanistan from China. Also, Global Warming apparently has flooded Cambodia, the Koreas, and Japan.

NATO is making the rounds of various blogs notifying us about their updated map game. Sadly the map errors from their previous version have not been fixed. Missing countries and blatant errors like Pakistan's frontier being part of the People's Republic of China remain.

NATO, as well as other important government and academic organizations, is not immune from making horrible cartographic errors. Many times the errors are made by graphic designers who do not know geography. The fact that these errors have not been caught makes one realize the lack of geographic knowledge by editors and others in the organization. Further, one wonders what errors exist on official, classified documents and how these errors influence life and death decisions. A jump yes, but not a big one.

I pointed these errors out to the NATO representative and the person claim NATO would fix the problem. After no changes, an extended period of time, and a continued campaign to advertise the game we have decided to point out NATO's errors. NATO is a great institution but right now its opponents are laughing.


Laura said...

Re NATO errors

So many people (and sometimes
those in charge) see mapping as a computer thing, even GIS as compsci and Urban as engineering fields.

For those that marginalize Geography as a field of simple location mapping (that anyone can do - we don't need geographers),

it's still a shame to have such incorrect maps...

Goethe Girl said...

Did you see this WSJ article on the "mapping" of North Korea?

Catholicgauze said...

EXACTLY! Right on.

No I haven't. Thanks for the link!

Matt H said...

Poor Sri Lanka.