Thursday, April 02, 2009

United Nations Human Rights Council Votes to Ban Religious Defamation; Ignores Human Rights

Earlier I wrote about my lack of faith in the United Nations Human Rights Council to support human rights because of the geography of membership. I pointed out how too much membership is given to the "gap" countries which are not part of the world's "core" (liberal states that work together, promote liberties, and function best in cooperation). Sadly, I have been proven correct.

Instead on focusing efforts to decriminalize homosexuality (note to readers: I am not referring to whether homosexuality is considered right or wrong but instead focusing on the effort to stop jailing/executing gays) the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has voted to call on nations to criminalize defamation of religions. The UNHRC has now turned its focus from human rights to giving religions rights. The right of a religion not to be offended trumps a person's right to free speech.

The vote was proposed by Pakistan, a UNHRC member, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic States.

Gap countries are too narcissistic sometimes and world leadership tends to blend these states. Problems are blamed on colonial legacies and not cultural differences, dictatorship, or poor governance. Take this bill for example. Pakistan and the OIS only mention Islam in particular in the bill. Pakistan and other countries blasphemy other religious groups, as documented by Amnesty International. Ahmadiyyas (sort of Mormon-like Muslims) are prevented by Pakistani law to call themselves Muslims or express beliefs that they share with orthodox Islam. Malaysian Christians are fighting for their right to use the term "Allah" for services even though Allah is not a proper name but literally means "God" because the Muslim rulers feel Christians and other groups cannot properly worship God.

I await the day when the countries who supported this bill will end their apostate laws and all freedom of religion. Until then the United Nations, founded as the hope for world peace, will continue to fiddle as freedom is crushed and individuals are killed by their own state.

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Anonymous said...

The world is entrenched in hypocrisy, be it the UN, EU, US, UK, China etc. etc. etc.......Very few entities practice what they preach and they apply one rule to one entity and completely disregard/promote it with another entity. Sad but true reality :-(