Friday, April 17, 2009

Texas Cannot Leave the United States

Texas governor Rick Perry claimed Texas can secede from the United States during an anti-tax/anti-deficit spending rally. Perry's comment comes from the strong Texas nationalism which many Texans have. While Texas was not the only American state which was once a country it seems to be the only one that loves to rub it into other people's faces.

Sadly for Texans, even though the do live in a great and special state, it is not that special. The Texas Revolution was a combined effort by those who supported the reform of the Mexican government and those who favored union with the United States. After the revolution; however, politicians such as President Martin Van Buren opposed annexation due to fears of war with Mexico and knowing Texas would upset the slave state/free state balance. Finally, in 1845 the State of Texas was established under the Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States and Ordinance of Annexation. The resolution allowed Texas to split into four additional states. There is no right to secession mentioned; the claim that the Texas is the only state allowed to fly their flag at the same level as the United States flag is a myth. Any state can do that.

Finally, legal scholars will point to the Supreme Court case of Texas v. White to show secession is illegal and the southern states secession to form the Confederate State of America was therefore invalid. Catholicgauze, on the other hand, likes to state Southern States v. Lincoln to prove Governor Perry's claim is wrong.


Dan tdaxp said...

Title: DAVIS et al. v. LINCOLN et al.

Summary: Claimant JEFFERSON DAVIS and others pleads for immediate relief, and an injunction against defendants ABRAHAM LINCOLN and others. Claimants assert that defendants are 'burning our entire country down,' 'engaging in the criminal, lawful, premeditated, and abhorrent behavior of hotting our citizens' and 'causing havoc to an annoying degree.' Defendants responded by shelling Richmond.

A summary judgment is granted to defendants. In spite of repeated requests, neither plaintiffs nor their counsel have appeared before this court to plead their case, as outlined in Court Rules. Secret documents pleading 'an organized campaign to keep us and our agents out of the District of Colombia' are not valid responses to Court requests as outlined in Court Rules.

Purpleslog said...

Awesome --> "Southern States v. Lincoln".

I usually say it a different way, but I like this turn of phrase better.