Monday, April 06, 2009

Descent into a Black Hole

Astronomers have created a video that shows what one would see if they fell into a Black Hole. It is facsincating to see how light is bent as one goes closer and closer to the event horizon.

These all consuming beasts are truly an anomoly. What happends to the matter that enters in the black hole since we believe matter cannot be created nor destroyed? Can one truly enter a black hole because using the theory of realitivity one could never reach the event horizon because time would stop for that individual?

In the anicent days there were monsters, ends of the earth, and neither regions of the world where the impossible happened. Now we know there are no places like that on earth... they are out in space.

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Dan tdaxp said...

It's especailly cool when looking at the map and clock in the lower part of the screen!