Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buffalo Returning to Russia

Back in 2006 buffalo were delivered from Canada to Russia. The beasts first came over from Asia into North America but died out in the Eastern Hemisphere around 5000 years ago. The reason for the return is because of conservationists efforts to ensure the buffalo survival. So far the effort has been a success.

Recently a new effort is being launched to promote buffalo tourism in Russia. I personally wonder how successful a "come see the buffalo" campaign would be when it would involve traveling thousands of miles for the average Russian. The only real tourist success I see would have to tie into bring back the Wooly Mammoth.

However, if buffalo can breed well in Russia then Siberia can have another meat staple crop or big game hunting could be introduced.

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Anonymous said...

Buffalo or (Bison) are no strangers to Russia. There are Buffalo that are indigenous to Europe and Asia.