Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Anti-Tax "Tea Party" Map

April 15th is a date ingrained into most Americans' minds. On that day taxes are required to be post marked to the government in order to avoid paying the huge fees. The date is hated by many no matter one's political persuasion. In the past Americans hate taxes so much that we threw tea into Boston Harbor and later on declared the first income tax unconstitutional.

This year the Tea Party movement has become a huge hit with some Americans. The loose movement is upset over a variety of things including tax hikes, trade deficit, and the deficit caused by government spending.

The right-libertarian website FreedomWorks has created a Google Map of the protests they support to mark April 15.

It will be interesting to see how the protests turn out. Conservatives tend to have smaller protests (everything from "lack of passion" to "we have jobs while hippie protesters do not" have been blamed) but so far Tea Party protests have been successful. If they are, I wonder how much Web 2.0 and neogeography can be credited for organizing protesters.

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