Thursday, March 19, 2009

iRevolution: A Blog About Using Information and Neogeography for Changing the World

iRevolution is an academic blog by a doctoral research fellow at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in Harvard University. The blogger behind the site is primarily interested in how regimes use information to control a populace and how the information revolution has empowered individuals. While this may not seem geographical at first, he repeatedly points out how geographical software tools allows researchers to study spatial inequalities, places of repression, and better map out crises.

The post on crisis mapping background gives one a good understanding of how neogeography relates to the information revolution. The post on new tactics for civil rights describes how neogeography and information technology combine on a local level for political activism around the world.

What first got my attention was his post on my Russia-Georgia War maps. He liked them but pointed out that I was only one person and a better way to have a crisis map would be to have on the ground sources. Interestingly enough, al Jezeera had a crisis map which used on the ground input from viewers.

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