Friday, February 06, 2009

Wadi Bonfire

Tonight we are having a wadi bonfire.. The moon is almost full and the part of Iraq I am in is experiencing spring. The white sand gives an odd, lunar feel to everything. The only life besides A few moths have been seen. Everything is so still though. The fire is the only thing making a sound out here. Even the jackals, who usually sound like Marines going "woo-hoo!", are not making a noise. It is the last night for one of my best co-workers. He is also a great friend.

The daily stress of Iraq is intense. Elections, corruption, terrorism, hope, rebuilding the country, foreign agendas and everything else takes its toll. But tonight it is just us and the bonfire. Peaceful, quite, and calm.

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Cameron said...

Something about a fire just makes everything melt into calmness. When I am guiding in the backcountry, I like to end the day with a fire if I can. It's possibly the best way to get people to relax enough to discuss the events of the day in a civilized manner.

Cameron for My Wonderful World