Monday, January 05, 2009

Is the Earth Doomed to Cooling?

Yes. To answer the above that is. Scientific guestimates show that the Earth has been in a steady decline in global temperatures. As shown in great books like Why Geography Matters, ice on the poles is geologically new. New studies also suggest that the cycle of climate slowly pointing for colder and colder.

All studies on climate should be greeted with a bit of skepticism. No one study should be viewed as "the" study. However, the cycle system seems to suggest that climate is beyond the fixes currently proposed. Those in power should focus on making plans to adjust to changes, in both short and very long terms, and create a healthier living environment for people all over the world.


Daniel said...

What is this? The 1970's again?

Anonymous said...

This statement has all the classic problems. Global cooling? Well, over what time period and rate? Global cooling on a millenia or longer time scale of cycles is totally irrelevant to society now. The fact is that we are forcing a positive temperature trend at a rate unprecedented in geological time, and with immediate consequences with generational longevity. Let's get our perspective here!

Catholicgauze said...

You do have a point at first. Those are questions that need to be asked when any climate claim is raised.
However, no one can be sure about the last part. I turn you over to a post at the Huffington Post of all places which tackles the doomsday nature of Al Gore and his ilk (

Catholicgauze said...

Here is the link