Monday, January 26, 2009

Classic Gauze: Traveling the United Kingdom on the Computer

Traveling the world virtually is fun. For those of us who cannot travel around the world due to funding or other duties, the internet and neogeography have opened up areas where we otherwise could not see. The Geograph post allows for a walking tour of England without the sweat or funds that could break many of us. Come travel the British Isles with geolocated, connected photographs!
Originally published April 22, 2006

TDAXP has sent me a link to Geograph. Geograph is an open group effort to have every, and I mean, every piece of Great Britain and Ireland photographed. One can start from the map view and work their way down to ground level to obtain a picture of the area they want. To any British readers out there or tourists: be sure to help out!

My favorites so far are here, here, and here. Be sure to comment about your own favorites or what you contribute!

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karnala said...

That's amazing - this is one of my favs (sorry I don't know how to make a link)

That must be "Church Hill" that we can see in the photo (4kms).