Monday, December 01, 2008

Indiana Jones Denied Tenure

Something to break up Classic Gauze

A dream of all geographers is to travel for academic research or job-related reasons on someone else's bill. Academic geographers, especially the ones at richer schools, can pull this off via grants. Another dream is to be the geography-equivalent of Indian Jones. Finding Nazi gold with lost maps, getting the girl, and adventure all are embedded in our DNA. Combine these two dreams together and one has a bad case of day dreaming Catholicgauze-style.

Well, this can come at a cost. Indiana Jones was denied tenure.


Dan tdaxp said...


Very funny! :)

Catholicgauzette said...

You've found Waffle House with Jill (Garmin), you've got the girl... not sure if you have adventure in your DNA. ;-)

alwaysateacher said...

I Love your blog!!!

I too have a geography blogsite...slanted more towards providing teacher with great geography websites, programs and lesson plans. I'm glad to know there are a few of us out there in blogger-land that really thing geography is critical and groovey!! skp:)