Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Violence Erupts in Bolivia

The violence in Bolivia is getting out of hand. Pro and anti-socialist government gangs are starting to kill each other. Things reached fever pitch this past weekend when a dozen or so pro-socialist government Indians were killed by a mob in the autonomous-declared department of Pando. President Morales has arrested Pando's governor under charges of genocide while calling on the other eastern, autonomous-declared departments to sign a sort of cease fire with him.

Americans are advised to avoid the region until the violence is over. Peace Corp is evacuating.

The violence is the lattest round better the pro-Chavez pole government and the capatalistic east. Other issues are Indian versus Mestzo and landover versus "land reform" concern many.

For more on the violence be sure to read the English language Bolivian blog Mabblog. This blog follows the issue much better than I ever could.

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