Friday, September 05, 2008

Ley Lines: Where Human Imagination and Geography Intersect

Ley Lines around Rennes-le-Chateau: Keys to the Scared Pattern or Randomness
Human beings excel with imagination. Our imagination helps create scientific theories, find patterns, and allows us to fear the unknown beast waiting behind the bushes ready to eat us. Sometimes; though, a cigar is just a cigar. Or as a geographer would say, lines are just lines.

Ley lines are hypothetical alignments of archaeological sites, mountains, and other things on Earth's surface. There are some alignments that no one doubts. The Egyptian Great Pyramids are made to align with Orion's Belt and many stonehenges and woodhenges acted as calendar systems with each other and the stars.

While some consider these ley lines, when the controversial word is used another meaning is implied. Ley lines are usually brought up when some hidden knowledge, ancient culture, or massive geoengineering is allegedly involved. Today many New Age "geographers" attribute ley lines to magic discovered or made by ancient civilizations.

Part of the reason for ley lines being seen is that there is scared geography. Patterns exist in holy buildings: crosses for churches, east facing buildings for mosques, etc. Humans seek similiar patterns in nature as proof of their beliefs.

A key example of ley lines is the geography of Rennes le Chateau. The history of a priest selling fake masses to become rich turned into a treasure story which turned into a Jesus had a baby which turned into ancients built a geography/geometrical wonderland which turned into aliens etc. The geographical element revolves around several churches on mountains making a pentagram/star pattern. Do these ley lines prove some ancient force that gave a simple priest massive wealth? No, its all random (great read by the way).

Alignments in archeaolgy reveal complexity in civliziations and can help decode its culture. However, geographers must be careful not to fall in the ley line trap. Crazy ideas like Rennes le Chateau aliens hurt real research in alignments.


Dan tdaxp said...

Fascinating post! And you're right -- that read is great!

The use of math to examine these "humanities" questions seems very powerful. With the Voynich Manuscript, it appears to show that the text is in accordance with Zip's laws of linguistic entropy, so there is probably something here.

Ley lines -- romantic as they are - - may be mere projections of our minds.

(This still strikes me as strange, though, because the trade-route hypothesis has so much face validity.)

novatv.stdios said...

the universe is completely arbitrary, the rules that govern physics boiling down to our own basic chemistry, though cohesive, and eternally coherent are arbitrary constructs. that stated, there are many co-dependent system that we are unaware of that dictate things that we can only observe in non definite terms. take for example coincidence, every time i look at the clock its usually 5.55 im born on the 5th of september, and this post was written on my birthday. completely arbitrary but my mind tries to draw parallels. i first encountered ley lines through an anime series and have been intrigued ever since by these subsystems that show themselves at the odd moment. in short this article is a little too presumptuous, the star of david image in the post has been found to represent the key building blocks for our infinitely recursive or fractal universe. opinions dont make facts, although many facts are based on opinion.