Monday, September 22, 2008

Khazar Capital Found

Between East and West: the Khazar Empire's expansion. Yellow are tributaries. From Wikipedia

The Khazars were a Turkic people who lived on the Steppes were Europe and Asia meet. They established the first feudal state in Eastern Europe thus advancing civilization in a land where barbaric tribes still roamed. Their leaders were also Jews who converted out of geopolitical practicality (free from Byzantine Christian and Arabic Muslim cultural pulls). They reigned on the Steppes until 969 when the Rus (proto-Russians) came and destroyed their empire. Rus, Russians, and Mongol assimilated the Khazars until they existed no more as a separate group.

A Russian archaeologist has declared he has found the long lost capital of the Khazars. The city was near the Caspian Sea and along the Silk Road trade route. The city was the only one where the Khazars were allowed to use flame brick, a symbol of permanence in a culture still in a nomadic mindset.

Artifacts from the dig and other Khazar digs are available for viewing on a Russian museum's webpage. One can really see the Turkic nature in the uniforms.


Anonymous said...

"Rus, Russians, and Mongol assimilated the Khazars until they existed no more as a separate group.'

Psssst. Have you checked New york and Miami?

Catholicgauze said...

Hi Anon,
The Jews today are ethnic Jews while the Jews of Khazar were ethnic Turks who no longer exist as a group and did not merge with ethnic Jews.

Anonymous said...

Khazars today comprise 90+% of all people who claim to be or describe themselves as 'jew'. Khazar converts have usurped talmudic pharisaism (judaism) from the original hebrew judahites.

Catholicgauze said...

That is not true and it has been disproven by genetic tests. The idea that Kazars (who only the most upper class converted to Judaism) became the Jews of today is a Nazi racial theory.