Saturday, September 27, 2008

Geography Blogs List

8Earlier Catholicgauze vowed to create a list of the top geography blogs on the internet. Well, besides having a cold and flu at the same time, the job was made difficult by the range and number of geography blogs. So, in a classic election season flip-flop I decided to create a list of "really good" geography blogs by sub-field.

This list of course ignores your favorite geography blog Geographical Travels with Catholicgauze! - shameless self promotion

Cartographic Blogs - Focus more on maps then geography but are still an useful resource for geographers

Daily Geography Blogs - These blogs are meant to show how geography effects everyday life. This subfield is closely related to educational interest blogs.

Educational Interest Blogs - Are designed to be kept up to date with geography news while having a good educational base.

  • Geography at About has long served as a blog with hundreds of pages of geographical knowledge.
Environmental Geography Blogs - Keep a focus on the environment and climate

Geopolitical Blogs - These blogs focus on the politics of the global scene. Included in this is another subfield which focuses on the War on Terrorism

  • Coming Anarchy is the product of three fans of Victorian imperialistic age. Heavy on today's policy these gentlemen focus on the big and lesser well known political events of our time.
  • Long War Journal is the place to go when you want to know next week's news today. With great information coming out of Pakistan and Somalia besides Iraq and Afghanistan, this is the primer news source for me when it comes to the War on Terrorism.

Geospatial News Blogs - Are blogs which focus on developments in the world of geotechnology.

  • SlashGeo is the place for industry news.
  • Very Spatial has a podcast too! Besides that it is a blog which keeps the average user up to date on geotechnology that almost anyone can use.

Google Earth Blogs - When it comes to news you can use with Google Earth whether it be new data layers or features these are great starting points

Map Geography Blogs - This subfield focuses on maps but explains the geography (story) behind the maps.

  • Strange Maps originally started off as a "look at this strange map" blog but it has lately gone more in depth into explaining the geographical (sometimes geopolitical) background of maps. Take for example Transnistria.
Military Geography Blog
School Blogs - Are a phenomenon found mostly in the United Kingdom. These blogs are for the students of geography classes and help with understanding the homework assignment.

Tourism Geography - Geography and news for the tourist

  • Intelligent Travel is a tourism blog by National Geographic which focuses on environmentally less harmful travel.
  • Travelography keeps tourists up to date with the latest world news.

Urban Geography - Geography of cities and suburbs

New Geography is a strange one to describe. Part urban/part economic blog but all urban geography/economical geography.

Did Catholicgauze leave any categories out? Want to add your own blog to the list? Then comment below and I will update!


Adrian said...

I am a fan of the IMINT & Analysis blog, he uses Google Earth and interprets overhead imagery of military hardware.

Andrew Shears said...

Thanks for this list! I've been looking for a collection of geography blogs, and I'm hoping to start one soon (whenever my dissertation is finshed....). Continue the good work!

Tony Cassidy said...

Thanks for the mention, also a good range of new blogs to explore.

Mr Rogers said...

Thanks for the list!

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks for the list and the mention, Catholicgauze! I always love reading your stuff, and now I'll have even more great online resources to explore.

To all the geography wonks out there: We're always looking for guest bloggers and collaborative opportunities at My Wonderful World. So please pay us a visit and shoot me an email if you'd like to contribute:

GeoBlogs said...

Thanks for the mention, and very best wishes for the next few months !

Denise said...

Great list! Very comprehensive. I am working on creating a resource for students and anyone interested in geography. I'll add a link to your list.

Kevin Parsons said...

Getting started in the teaching world and hope to be teaching geography as a subject matter expert. Your site shows promise as a good informational research site, Thanks for the input.