Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Electoral College Map Predictions Galore

Catholicgauze for one cannot wait until the 2008 Election season is over. I am so eager for the end I promise that I will not cover election geography until Election Day. The one exception being this post for places where one can see the best Electoral College maps for the election.

Electoral Vote is updated everyday using the most recent polling data for each state. Clicking on each state shows polling data for the recent past.

Politico has polling data for swing states.

CNN's does not judge which way swing states are going but it gives a better pitcher of what is reasonably up for grabs. Video analysis is available as well.

Real Clear Politics looks at a combination of polls to create averages for each state.


Goethe Girl said...

I feel the same way about the election, but you forgot one site! http://election08.cs.uiuc.edu/

flash said...

Keep up this good work of helping others. Two thumbs for you.