Saturday, August 30, 2008

Georgia-Russia War in Cartoon Maps

The Russia-Georgia War has finally come into the realm of cartoon maps. These maps do not show spatial accuracy, not but a long shot, instead are meant to portray the feelings of the cartographer. Several new cartoon maps are interesting in what they portray.


This map comes from Michael J. Totten's website. It shows Russia as a vampire stealing Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia. The creature has the Nazi SS symbology equating Russia to Hitler's regime. The vampire matches Russia as a Eurasian regime, close to human (Europe) but different in a negative way (Eurasian culture)

The second map displays Putin's hipness with his toplessness and rhyming text while equating his regime to the Soviet Union.


This odd map going in chain e-mails shows the Russian bear fighting American and Israeli intervention in Georgia. The map does not shy away from Russia's militant tendencies showing them as a powerful (good) thing. The odd thing is that once the war started Israel stopped military ties to Georgia in a surprising pro-Russia move. The likely reason for the Jewish symbology on planes and in the "Georgia" name is standard, old Russian anti-semitism.

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