Monday, July 07, 2008

Place Spotting: Playing Hide and Go Seek on Google Maps

Reader Martin sent me a link to his website Place Spotting. The website is a fun place to try out hide and go seek on Google Maps with friends and can even be used for educational purposes.

What one does is find a zoomed-in image on Google Maps, create hints on how to find it (i.e. in a Slavic country, capital building of President so-and-so), and then post it to the website. Anyone can try it out but there is also an option to e-mail friends the quiz.

According to Martin there are 6,638 different quizzes stored, 108274 quizzes were solved and 927,275 opened. The language of the users seems divided between English and German so some may be hard to solve but try out the English ones anyways.

For the first quiz try to see where Catholicgauze was Fourth of July weekend!


Christopher said...

Freaky, freaky coincidence.

Sitting in my History of the Civil War class on Monday night with my laptop, my mind started to wander and I decided to check my RSS feeds. I read your post and accepted your challenge. Knowing where the Potomac River was, I looked up the Rappahannock and then started to search Google Maps for where the rivers and the state lines converged.

I found that satellite imagery I was looking for, clicked over to map view to see the name of the town, and at that exact moment (I swear this is true) my professor declared "Harper's Ferry. John Brown and his sons..."

I sat for a moment shocked by the coincidence and took it as a hint to start paying attention in class again.

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks, you solved it even though I mistyped and should have wrote Potomac/Shenandoah. Good job!