Friday, July 18, 2008


NATO has an online game that tests players ability to locate countries by flag, capital, and flag & capitals. Players have a choice of locating NATO members, NATO partners, or NATO Mediterrian Diaglouge members.

Sadly the game continues the pet peeve of bad cartography. At first I was willing to overlook the semi-submerged Azeribajian but then two glarring problems reared their ugly heads. Cambodia is completely underwater and the People's Republic of China has annexed the northeastern corner of Pakistan! Kosovo, East Timor, and the Koreas are also gone! What the heck sort of data are they using!

This is NATO for crying out loud!


Dan tdaxp said...

Maybe NATO knows something about how major floods /tsunamis / global warming will benefit China's geostrategic position???

Joshua said...

I also noticed playing the Mediterranean Dialogue game that the capital of Israel was "Capital of Israël*". Can't they name it?