Monday, July 14, 2008

Kosovo Not on Online or Newspaper Maps

It has been almost five months since the Republic of Kosovo was declared and since recognized by a current total of 44 countries.

The mapping world is slow to recognize the change though. The big online three: Google Maps, Microsoft's Live Maps, Yahoo Maps; do not have a free Kosovo. National Geographic, MapQuest (has pre-2006 Serbia), and Maporama also have lack Kosovo. The Weather Channel gets the nod for the worst mapping with not only a pre-2006 Serbia (plus Montenegro) but for some reason West Berlin as well.

Newspapers such as USA Today, Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune all have Kosovo as part of Serbia both on their maps.

The only places to find Kosovo maps online are Geography at About and MultiMap. However, depending on the zoom there is a free Kosovo, no free Kosovo, or a pre-2006 Serbia and Montenegro!

So what is to blame for no Kosovo on maps? The still lacking neigh-on-universal recognition for the new state? Somesort of Serbian conspiracy that owns all popular mapping businesses? Or is it just computer jockeys using software with no knowledge of geography? I think it is ten percent of the first and ninety percent of the latter. Geographers and cartographers are desperately needed in today's world. It is no wonder why kids cannot find countries on the map if are educational tools are wrong.

Note: The Weather Channel's maps are really bad. Two Yemens: those united in 1990.

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sgenius said...

In USA Today's Middle East map there are other inaccuracies as well: the Neutral Zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, for instance (it's the rhombus-shaped thingy west of Kuwait), which was a free access area to citizens of both countries for the purposes of taking advantage of its resources. It was abolished in 1991.