Sunday, June 01, 2008

Visit Appalachia gets Neogeography, Cultural Appeal

A news story on how Appalachia is using maps and neogeography to help out with tourism got my attention yesterday. Appalachia has long been viewed by outsiders as a place to avoid; however, during my training experience a few weeks ago I discovered just how rich and diverse the culture is. The new mapping effort is designed to spread the richness of the region to potential tourist. The Visit Appalachia website features online maps that have driving routes that empathize things like music, religion, and nature. The site also makes it easy to print out the routes making it easy to plan.

The effort seems to be on the wave of a new push to combine tourism with easily accessible geography. The big tourism packet with tons of info is expensive and drowns the reader in too much information. New efforts like the above capitalize on customizable maps to present user-selected information on a readable form of media.

Anyone who wants to help their tourism industry should look at the use of maps and neogeography to raise interest in their region.

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Dina said...

I'm really enjoying your blog and all the work you put into it.
Shalom from Jerusalem.