Sunday, June 22, 2008

Map of the Political Terror in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been a hell hole the last few years. Rigged elections, archbishops asking for invasions, and bad government all have plagued the land. Now, as predicted when I discussed the rigged elections, government terrorism French Revolution-style is occurring. The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front militia, army, Central Intelligence Organization, and even war veterans (nominally members of the race war between black Africans and white Africans who broke away from the United Kingdom; however many members are too young) have all attacked those who they think voted against President-dictator Mugabe.

Now This is Zimbabwe has a Google Maps mash-up of political violence cases. So far they have over 1,300 incidents mapped with information on who did it and how. The site also features video and photographs.

Sadly like Lebanon there is political violence on yet no one seems to care. Post-colonial African pride is preventing other African leaders from asking for outside help while the other African governments themselves are mixed on opinion of what to do. The violence will go on and on, the election may or may not happen and will not be valid either way, and people will die will everyone shrugs and continues on their day.

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