Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ice on Mars Celebration

Due to the lack of atmospheric moderation, ice will turn directly into gas instead of a solid on Mars. Earlier, the Mars Phoenix Lander discovered a strange white substance underneath the surface. There was a debate over whether it was ice or salt. Scientists decided to wait a few days; if it was ice it would melt while salt would just stay there. It began to melt.

So there is water ice on the surface. NASA even believes up to a quarter of Mars has ice a few inches below. So what one may ask. Well, the ice would probably be the remains of the ocean system that most likely was on Mars before. While some get excited about the possibility of life (though water does not necessarily equal life), more immediate uses of Mars ice include using it for drinking water instead of shipping it along with Astronauts to the Red Planet.

To celebrate such a discovery Very Spatial links to a collection of high quality images of Mars from space, its sky, and surface. Included are stunning views of a sunset, animated storms, and a look back home.

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