Friday, June 20, 2008

Cultural Geography of Washington DC Neighborhoods

The Washington City Paper Map of DC Neighborhoods

The Washington City Paper is a free weekly that always features a great main article (like radical Blacks who think themselves the true Jews or a case example of American turf war), great local political news, great events list, and the rest is so horrible that one is damned to Hell for reading it.

This week's primary article is not just great but is a thermal nuclear blast of geographical joy. The Washington D.C. Neighborhood Guide breaks down D.C. into neighborhood groupings with names like C-SPANistan (Capitol Hill-area), Banana Republic Republic (Georgetown named after all its yuppie stores), Sacramento (the Catholic area of Brookland, get it... Sacrament-o), and many others.

Each neighborhood section gives census information, cultural background, a little history, and a good description of the activities to do there. The paper does not hold back any punches when it discusses the problem neighborhoods of Washington but it also shows the good each one has to offer, thus avoiding the stereotypes that blind many. Even the "good" neighborhoods recieve their just fill of faults. Where else could one read about the African-American Black versus African Black battle going on at Liquorridor or why Catholicgauze wants to live so badly at C-SPANistan.

I cannot possibly describe how great this is for anyone who wishes to know about all of Washington. In the print edition business ads for the neighborhood are grouped with the article adding an extra umph of geographical evidence. For the heavily blue blood, liberal Episcopal part of town there is an advertisement for a church whose masses are "pet friendly." Catholicgauze's head nearly exploded when seeing that. The bursting occurred five minutes later when I overloaded on joy from the article!

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ITF said...

I wouldn't say that they always have a great centerpiece, but otherwise you are spot on. This week's issue was the best I can remember in years because of the neighborhoods piece.