Friday, May 02, 2008

Next Decade to Be Even Cooler?

1934 was the hottest year recorded (though the precision can easily be called into doubt) and 1998 was the hottest year of the recent warming cycle. Since 1998 the temperature has been hovering near the cycle high until recently when a cool snap was observed. Now some scientists are stating the next ten years may expierence a noticble period of global cooling.

Climate is once again proving neigh-on impossible to predict.


Andy said...

Actually it doesn't say anything about "global cooling" - it specifics talks solely about North America and Europe due to cyclical changes in ocean currents that have an effect on the weather on those continents. Nothing was said about global temperatures as a whole.

In fact, the article makes pains to state in at least two separate ways that the effect is only a temporary "masking the long-term trend of rising temperatures due to global warming."

That doesn't sound like it supports the case that "climate is neigh on impossible to predict" - does it?

Deaner said...

I'm guessing this is NOT "appropriate" list serv material :)