Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Chunnel Day

Congratulations to the Channel Tunnel aka the Chunnel. Today the Chunnel turns fourteen years old!

The Chunnel allows for easy transportation between England and France via rail, freight, and car shuttle on rail. The shuttle allows easy trips and has been remaking Franco-British cultural exchanges including younger English crossing over to obtain cheaper liquor.

The Chunnel has a long history. The close proximity between Great Britain and France has long lead to calls for some sort of easy access. However, the English Channel served as an excellent defensive barrier and the “moat” has allowed British identity to remain separate from a collective European identity.

The rise of the European Community (now European Union) slowly but surely brought the United Kingdom closer to Europe. Opposition eroded and the Chunnel was completed on May 6, 1994. England is now physically “dry linked” to Europe.

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