Monday, May 05, 2008

Conservative Party Slaughters Labour in England, Labour loses in Wales

The ruling Labour Party has suffered a catastrophic loss in the local elections of England and Wales. Labour lost 331 seats total while the Conservative Party came in first and the more leftward Liberal Democratic Party (once strangely the moderate in between party) archived second. The ultimate salt in the wound though is the American-born, Conservative candidate winning the mayorship of London.

For the ruiling party to reach third place in a two-and-a-half party system is a damning sign of British disfavor of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Some dislike Brown because he is too similar to former Prime Minister Blair's centrist "New Labour" mold, others oppose him because he is different and snubs Americans and the War on Terror. Needless to say not too many people like him.

American readers should understand one thing about the Conservative Party. This is not the strong neo-liberal Thatcher Conservative Party nor is it the "party in power" Major Conservative Party. David Cameron's Conservative Party describes itself as compassionate conservative. This means more welfare state just with reforms, a European outlook as equal to cross-Atlantic outlook, and big on the environment. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While this election does not change the overall British leadership, look for Labour to fight for its life against a swell of calls for an election that would favor the Conservative Party.


Goethe said...

In Gordon Brown's favor, he is undoubtedly a victim of Tony Blair's negative ratings at the end of Blair's time in office. One European news report I read today said that it was Brown's fiscal management that is responsible for the current strength of the British economy -- but that Britain doesn't need him now. He does seem like an interesting man; perhaps it is simply his somewhat dour Scottish brooding personality. Nonetheless, I am happy to see that clown Ken Livingstone removed from our sight for a while.

Curly said...

Never mind we call all get ready for the next Brown relaunch, after a review, of course!

Anonymous said...

I somehow feel Boris' clowning will be a lot more embarrassing to watch.