Monday, April 14, 2008

Zimbabwe Elections Set Stage for Disaster

Zimbabwe's election result has been released and President-dictator Robert Mugabe has stepped down. Just kidding. Mugabe has refused to release results. Most polling shows the opposition (a combination of everything from rich white African farmers to poor black unionists) easily defeating the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front.

There are currently calls for strikes against Mugabe. The situation with record high inflation threatens to make the Kenyan violence look like nothing. Three million refugees are feeling pressure to leave South Africa, food is hard to come by, and everyone cares a gun or machete.

Zimbabwe is one of Africa's sadder stories. The country was once ruled by white Africans who broke away from the United Kingdom. After diplomatic pressure the relatively moderate Mugabe took power and promised a civil and just government. That quickly became a farce. It got so bad that a sexoholic Catholic archbishop threatened to led a revolution. What makes things truly horrible in a geopolitical sense is that fellow African governments turn a willing blind eye to the horrors in Zimbabwe with countries like Iran, Venezuela, and the People's Republic of China uphold Mugabe. May justice return to Zimbabwe.

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