Sunday, April 20, 2008

Map of Drunkenness in the United States

Fantom Planet links to a Men's Health map showing the drunkenness in American cities (including Alaska and Hawaii!). The higher the number the more drunk a city is.

The interior of the country is a mixed bag. Places like Sioux Falls, South Dakota have low DUI rates and low fatal crashes but high binge drinking and lose laws. Denver on the other hand is rated the most drunk city. California is a large gathering of drunk cities but apparently laws being pushed to punish drunkenness lower its numbers. The Baptist south gives southern cities a very good ranking along with Mormon Utah.

In a huh moment: The places with the highest DUI ranking is Washington D.C. Do you know what your representative in the House or Senate is doing?

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james said...

Most cities seem to only have state and city police. The following police/agencies have jurisdiction in DC -
Metropolitan Police
Metro Transit Police
Housing Police
Amtrak Police
Capitol Police
Park Police
Naval District Washington Police
Treasury Police
Secret Service Uniformed Div.
Zoo Police
GSA Police
Postal Police
Defense Protective Service
FBI Police
Veteran's Administration Police
Military Police
Federal Protective Service
Nat'l Institutes of Health Police
Gov. Printing Office Police
Pentagon Force Protection Agency (same as Defense Protective Service?)
Library of Congress Police
Supreme Court Police
US Mint Police