Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tibetans Riot Against China; Sign of Things to Come?

The past several days have seen protests and riots by Tibetans against the People's Republic of China's (PRC) imperial rule over the province. The unrest will be fully and brutally put down by the Communist regime, of source and sadly, but Beijing can expect much more to come.

The world's attention is now focused on the PRC because of the upcoming Olympics. Groups in China who have claims will be more bold because they know their message can be spread globally and will receive attention right now.
  • Xinjiang aka East Turkestan is another region that will pose problems. The native Uyghurs have ties to violent Islamic extremists and there are fears of terrorist attacks on the Olympics.
  • The Republic of China (ROC) may also be bold in embarrassing the PRC. The ROC has two referendums coming up on United Nations membership. Though both these are likely to fail because of partisan party disputes, the ROC may judge that PRC would not conduct military reactions right before the Olympics. This may leave the window open for more assertive demands or claims of independence.
  • The Catholic Church has many members in the PRC. Pope John Paul II knew how to embarrass Communists in Eastern Europe and his friend Pope Benedict XVI may have the skill as well. Benedict may try to have the Chinese "Patriotic" Bishops publicly recognize Rome right before the games.
Sadly the games are unlikely to be boycotted and the PRC will receive false praise like being taken off the list of human rights offenders. Globalization has been noted for bring freedom to the oppresed but it also can aid the oppressor. Let us all pray for a free and just China.

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Anonymous said...

It's kind of sad. The Olympics is a spectacle that sells a lot of newspapers and TV commercials around the world. Count on the media to give China a pass.

On the other hand, what about the athletes who have sacrificed and worked so hard to get to the Olympics? Should their efforts be denied because of politics?

The answer is, leave sports to the professionals.