Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mannahatta: New York at 1609

Imagine a land of tidal marshes, oak-chestnut forest, and rocky streams. A land with black bears, elk, brook trout, and passenger pigeons flying over head. This land is Mannahatta which is present-day New York.

The Mannahatta project is an effort to recreate the "land of many hills" as it looked when Henry Hudson arrived almost 400 years ago. The effort is on going but maps and some aerial recreations have been published. For a good background on what the land was like read Mannahatta: An Ecological First Look at the Manhattan (PDF).

Neat New York trivia: The island of Manhattan has grown about three square miles because of human geoenigneering efforts. (Hat tip: La Cartoteca)


Anonymous said...

I live in Manhattan, so I was glad to see this. Thanks from Goethe Girl. (Again, your ID check at the bottom is messed up.)

Catholicgauze said...

Sorry Goethe. Seems like a problem on Blogger's end.