Friday, March 07, 2008

Google Earth Continues to be Used for All the Wrong Reasons

And now a guest post by Catholicgauzette

Last week protestors against an expansion at Heathrow airport in the United Kingdom were able to breach security and gain access to the rooftop of Houses of Parliament. From there they managed to stay for a few hours, draping large banners over the building. The noteworthy news is that the protestors, planning this endeavor since the fall of 2007, used
Google Earth
to plan each step along the roof as well as in the interior of the building.

Fear of Google’s products because of use by terrorists or simply car drivers is an old phenomenon in the neogeography world. The Department of Defense just decided to prevent Google from putting military bases on street view. Terrorists could plan out and even do test runs online.

And just think – James Bond still has to rely on intelligence reports and stolen blueprints to do his job.


cokaygne said...

this censorship is silly. surely serious terrorists would make the investment to obtain their own pictures

Shivers said...

What are 'serious' terrorists? Serious doesn't mean a research and technology center. A 'serious' terrorist is someone bent on doing destruction. Think of just how 'serious' the terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center in the 1990's were.

Cokaygne, going on your logic, wouldn't 'serious' terrorists have their own pilots, or their own places to learn to fly planes. I think the attacks on September 11, 2001 were very serious. A terrorist, or any person with a goal, really, will use whatever resources are readily, and easily available.