Friday, March 28, 2008


Warning: Some Extremely Disturbing Images. Watch with Caution.


Fitna is a movie which is both a call to action to Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheistic, Agnostic and all other types of Europeans while also a tool for political advancement. Fitna uses images of terrorism and video of hateful dialogue that threaten the liberal freedoms of today's West.

The film avoids the purposefully confrontational Koran burning because of creator's Geert Wilders political ambitions. If the Koran were to be burned Islamic outrage would probably surpass the cartoon riots and Dutch worldwide would be put into serious risk. That would greatly harm Wilders' electability. Instead, he can now claim bringing up a serious issue with a conciliatory tone.


Brent said...

Fitna provides an accurate and fair view of the problems with the huge number of radical muslims that have no problem with murdering innocent people to further islam. Politicians need to wake up - stop bowing to radical muslim demands - and stop pretending that islam is a religion of peace. If there were more politicians and western leaders like Geert Wilders, the world would be a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

"That would greatly harm Wilders' electability. Instead, he can now claim bringing up a serious issue with a conciliatory tone."

I have tried to watch Fitna everywhere, including your link, but they have all been disabled/deleted. From my understanding, Fitna is a movie that relates islam to terrorism. There is no conciliatory tone in this movie. This dude was somewhat popular a while back but his popularity has plummeted. Even his own dutch people are strongly against this lunatic, not to mention racist.

I am all for freedom of speech but I also understand that means two different things in the West and East. First and foremost, we must protect our freedom of speech, however there are always exceptions and conditions.

For example, you cannot say bomb in certain places, antisemitism statements in some countries are illegal, and currently legislations is being debated regarding banning Fred Phelps and his crazy church from demonstrating at our servicemens' funerals, etc. Where is the freedom of speech here? Although all the above examples are are dispecable acts, should they not be protected by our great freedom of free speech? And this is all in Western countries where we hold up freedom of speech. For the bomb example, common sense and safety prevails over freedom of speech (by the western definition).

For a Muslim, talking against the Quran is probably a greater danger than saying bomb as a joke on a plane. But we cannot understand that since we have such an ethnocentric perspective on this issue. To Muslims, that is the most important thing.

Although this is how I feel, it is a very complicated issue and I dont necessarily think it is black or white issue where one can definitely say this is right or wrong. There are exceptions just as I mentioned in the examples.

And please dont defend the Fitna like it is a good educationl movie that shows the ills of terrorism. It is a movie blatantly against Islam. I dont see it any other way. Other than the whole free speech issue, it has no other purpose other than to incite violence and bigotry.

Just because we Christians can accept Jesus being poked fun at, does not mean other religions will tolerate that. For Muslims, blasphemy is probably the worst thing one can do to Islam. So, I dont think we can have an ethnocentric point of view when comparing two different religions.

Jasper said...

It's really a waste of time to watch Fitna. Everything has been shown before. Geert Wilders allready get way to much attention in my country. He does nothing more than copy-pasting and spreading fear and xenofobia (just like the people he fights).

cokaygne said...

I was able to watch the movie. The shocking scenes are available elsewhere if you look for them. One could also probably find scenes of gruesome crimes committed by others. That proves nothing. There are inflammatory quotes from the Quran. No doubt one could find similar statements in the Bible. What does that prove? Islamist terrorism is a serious problem, especially for Europeans. History - the British internment of Catholics in Northern Ireland during the 1970s for example, shows, however, that if one wants to increase the number of such terrorists the best way to do it would be to paint all Moslems as terrorists. Maybe Wilders is a secret recruiting agent for Al Quaeda. Sure looks that way.