Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coups Around the World

Coming Anarchy has a map showing countries whose leaders came to power via coup. The map reveals stagnation and progress.

Countries that have coup leaders as heads are now limited to Africa, Asia, and Fiji. These countries are in the “Gap” as defined by Thomas Barnett. Sadly these countries are corrupt with traits (sometimes in combination) such as Islamic resistance to Western ideals such as political liberalism, African tribal corruptioness, or just military bossiness.

Latin America, once known for its banana republic dictators, has experienced liberalization. Unfortunately as former extreme Rightist countries open up extreme Leftists are now becoming democratically elected potential dictators.

The future is mixed for these coup countries. Bahrain is becoming more democratic as the Sunni monarchy tries reform in order to please the Shia majority. Pakistan has a rising tide of democrats going toe-to-toe with failed military leaders and Taliban. Meanwhile coup Africa seems stuck while formerly war-torn western African republics rebuild their democracies.


Anonymous said...

A coup... is that like a cabal? We here in the department know all about cabals!

vaio said...

can you explain some information... about coup

Anonymous said...

if you look up "coup de etat" you will find much lengthier answers, but it is when the government of a country is overthrown just by usually forcing it's head (usually president) to resign or killing him, the coup is often performed by the military.